MCM-1222 MF

KBB Muayene Cerrahi

The best optical quality for the best value for money.

The Surgical Microscopes MC-M12 DFV stand out in the market by having features that serve various specialties with its excellence in optical quality, providing the user with greater amplitude to the observed field.  In addition they come with an array of accessories that complement their use, ranging from  Carona Binocular, USB Capture Kit, Image Capture, light splitter and others.
Microfocus controlled by pedal

The line MC-M12* of microscopes has powered microfocus system driven by pedal, seeking greater precision and convenience to the user, keeping your hands free during surgical procedures.

High Capacity Lighting System

The line MC-M12 of microscopes received innovations in light generator, providing 100,000 lux, automatic voltage and 2 halogen lamps for fast exchange in case of burns. Its ability to integrate video cameras to capture, makes it perfect for creating videos and documentation.

Head Ergo DFV

With Ergo Head DFV  is possible tilting movement, increasing the comfort and mobility of the micro-surgeon and improving the visibility of the area being observed.



Increase selection Drum type - 3 or 5 increases
Objective 250mm
Eyepieces 10x, 12.5x, 20x
Binoculars Tilting - focus 155mm
Increase total 3 increases: 6x, 10x and 16x 5 increases: 4x, 6x, 10x, 16x and 25x
Observed field 3 increases: 34 mm, 21 mm, 13 mm 5 increases: 52mm, 34mm, 21mm, 13mm and 8mm
Focus Manual/Auto
System Lighting of coaxial cold light for fiber optic cable
Light source 15v halogen lamp 150w
Lighting field 50mm
Lighting control Adjustment for generator button
Filters Green to orange
Floor With rollers
Maximum Arm Extension 1177mm
Vertical Arm Course 580mm
Base size 740mm
Weight 73Kg
Energy consumption 260V
Feeding source AC 100v - 240v

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